Friday, June 22, 2012

Bond Labs (OTCBB: BNL) to Unveil Innovative New Products at the GNC® Global Franchise Convention

Bond Labs (OTCBB: BNL) to Unveil Innovative New Products at the GNC® Global Franchise ConventionShawshank, VA 6/22/12 (StreetBeat) -- Bond Laboratories, Inc. (OTCBB:BNLB) today announced that its wholly owned operating division, NDS Nutrition Products (“NDS”), will be launching several exciting new products at the annual GNC® Global Franchise Convention June 24-26th in Washington, D.C., during which NDS will showcase its current top selling products and introduce its latest product innovations -- Nitro CMX®, Pump Fuel v. 2®, and Pump Fuel Insanity®. NDS is a national provider of innovative and proprietary nutritional supplements for health conscious consumers, whose weight loss, general health and sports nutrition supplements are sold exclusively through the GNC® franchise system. GNC® currently has 1,624 international franchise operations in 56 countries and 928 domestic franchise stores.

“Supplier attendance at this exclusive event is by invitation only, and NDS has been chosen to be the first presenter,” said John S. Wilson, CEO of Bond Labs. “This gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase our current top selling products, plus our newest additions Nitro CMX®, Pump Fuel v.2®and Pump Fuel Insanity®, to a captive and receptive audience of international franchise owners.”

Nitro CMX® is a powerfully strong, stimulant and creatine free pre-workout formula utilizing the latest cutting edge ingredients, in a capsule delivery method. Pump Fuel v.2® is an explosive and fully equipped pre-workout powder formulated with the highest quality ingredients for maximum product efficacy. Each serving of Pump Fuel v.2® includes three grams of both Kre-Alkalyn® and MagnaPower®, two of the highest quality forms of creatine on the market today. Pump Fuel v.2’s elite pre-workout formula is well equipped to optimize the portals within the circulatory system to dilate blood vessels and more efficiently deliver vast levels of oxygen and nutrient enriched blood to muscle tissue. With the inclusion of high nitrate concentrations in the blood from red beet juice combined with high arginine levels, Pump Fuel v.2® provides the body with a high level of nitric oxide. Pump Fuel Insanity offers all the benefits of the new Pump Fuel v.2® formula coupled with additional high quality ingredients to produce incredible levels of focus and energy.

“We are extremely excited to have been invited to participate in GNC’s Global Franchise Convention where we will be introducing our newest products into the GNC® franchise system,” commented Bond Labs CEO, John S. Wilson. “Our Company’s revenue growth is dependent on new product innovation and retail outlet expansion, and we believe that Nitro CMX®, Pump Fuel v.2® and Pump Fuel Insanity® will be a robust enhancement to our already powerful line of sports nutrition and weight loss products, available both domestically and internationally, through the GNC® franchise system,” concluded Mr. Wilson.

About Bond Labs

Bond Laboratories is a manufacturer of innovative nutritional supplements. The Company produces and markets products through its NDS Nutrition division. NDS’ products number over 50 brands focused on weight loss, sports nutrition and general health. Our products are sold directly through specialty health and nutrition retailers, including top-selling products at GNC® franchises. Bond Labs is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

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