Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ThermoEnergy (OTCBB: TMEN) to Deploy its Ammonia Recovery System in the Netherlands

ThermoEnergy (OTCBB: TMEN) to Deploy its Ammonia Recovery System in the NetherlandsShawshank, VA 5/23/12 (StreetBeat) -- ThermoEnergy Corporation (OTCBB: TMEN) has announced that it will be deploying a ThermoEnergy ARP™ (Ammonia Recovery Process) system at an award-winning biogas production plant outside of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The ARP system will be owned and operated by ThermoEnergy and its partner in the Netherlands, ProfiNutrients BV.

The ARP system will be used to recover ammonia from anaerobic digester wastewater and convert it into ammonium sulfate fertilizer for European agricultural markets. The process is environmentally-friendly and the fertilizer product will meet all EU regulatory standards. The unit is expected to start operating in August 2012.

"Because our Thermo ARP™ systems convert wastewater ammonia into valuable fertilizer products, they not only make biogas production more environmentally friendly, they provide the industry with an additional source of revenue to offset cost," said ThermoEnergy Chairman and CEO, Cary Bullock.

"High natural gas prices in Europe have created strong demand for biogas, and we believe this is an exceptional market opportunity for ThermoEnergy," Bullock added.

About ProfiNutrients
Based in the Netherlands, ProfiNutrients specializes in removing and recovering nutrients and minerals from organic waste such as sewage, sludge, slurry and gas in ways that reduce costs and create new revenue opportunities. ProfiNutrients' provides consulting and project management for both pilot projects and full-scale installations. Visit

About ThermoEnergy
Founded in 1988, ThermoEnergy is a diversified technologies company engaged in the worldwide development, sales and commercialization of patented and/or proprietary municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and power generation technologies.

ThermoEnergy Corporation has spent nearly two decades developing sustainable water treatment and clean energy technologies that help clients operate more efficiently, save money, reduce their carbon footprints, and meet sustainability goals. Our award-winning wastewater recovery systems provide superior process economics and environmental compliance for a variety of industrial and municipal water treatment facilities. The Company's water division, specializing in custom-designed, turn-key solutions for a wide variety of clients, is being managed from its offices in Worcester, Massachusetts corporate headquarters, In addition, the Company has established a broad network of independent dealers and representatives throughout the U.S.

ThermoEnergy's clean combustion technology, Pressurized Oxy-Combustion ( POXC™), will allow power producers and manufacturers that rely on conventional fossil fuels to take advantage of cheaper energy sources while eliminating virtually all air emissions, as well as achieving full CO2 capture. With POXC™, toxic air emissions from stationary power plants will become a thing of the past. The Company is pursuing the commercialization of POXC™ through the Unity Power Alliance.

ThermoEnergy's corporate mission is to continue to grow its market share and technological leadership within the global municipal/industrial wastewater treatment and power generation industries. Visit

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