Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shelron (OTCBB:SRNG) Subsidiary Signs MOU to Acquire 7 Gold Exploration Licenses

Shelron (OTCBB:SRNG) Subsidiary Signs MOU to Acquire 7 Gold Exploration LicensesShawshank, VA 6/12/12 (StreetBeat) -- Shelron Group , Inc. (OTCBB:SRNG) (the "Company), is pleased to announce that it signed a binding MOU with openers of concessions in Chile, via its subsidiary Serena Gold LLC, to acquire seven gold exploration licenses in Northern Chile.

The prospect is 1700 acres located about 5 ½ hours north of Santiago, Chile in a known gold, silver and copper trend. The new prospect is easily accessible by road with the highest elevation of less than 6,500 feet. River water is located nearby and the prospect can go in to large scale production by running pipes and desalination of sea water from the nearby Pacific Ocean.

The veins typically run from 200 to 500 meters in depth and a meter in width at the surface, broadening upon descent. The acreage has 3 well known A-shaped gold veins traversing it, conservatively estimated at 3,000 meters long, 200 meters deep, 1 meter wide. As many as 30 other veins are suspected and considered be tested in the exploration program.

The nearest analog deposit in production, Carmen de Andacollo, is located 12 miles south of the prospects mentioned in the MOU. According to Infomine.com, Carmen de Andacollo' s 2010 production included 34.8kt of copper and 27,700 oz. of gold, with a value in excess of $40M.

Artisanal mining has occurred for the last 100 years near the property and continues by a small adjacent license holder. Native gold can be seen in rock samples lying on the ground. A number of studies have been conducted near the target acreage over the years and most recently in the spring of 2011.

Chile is a mining-friendly country with good mining laws, highly trained and capable labor, and peaceful and democratic conditions. With large mines to the north and south of the area defined in the exploration licenses, the Company expects that securing production permissions should not be a problem.

Upon funding, Shelron plans to aggregate additional licenses covering more acres and then perform the 43.101 exploration process to raise resources estimates to reserves status. With these results, the Company, can then monetize using any of several options, such as sale or production.

The parties will now have a period of 75 days to negotiate a definitive agreement.

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