Friday, January 14, 2011

Time Warner Still Tweaking Customers with Blackout Threats

Time Warner Still Tweaking Customers with Blackout ThreatsOnce again, Time Warner Cable subscribers face the possibility of losing one of their local network TV stations. Time Warner Cable Inc. is still trying to reach a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. on the fees that Time Warner pays to carry Sinclair's station. The two sides say they have agreed to a second extension, so the existing contract now expires at midnight Saturday.

After that, local affiliates of Fox, CBS and ABC could go offline for some Time Warner customers. No NBC stations will be affected. Time Warner says customers will still be able to see network programming. It plans to import broadcast signals from other cities. Separately Sinclair says it's reached a tentative agreement with Bright House Networks and has until next Friday to finalize a deal.

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