Friday, October 7, 2011

Attunity (OTC:ATTUF) Recently Presented in San Francisco

Attunity (OTC:ATTUF) Recently Presented in San FranciscoShawshank, VA 10/7/2011 (PennyPayDay) – Attunity Ltd. (OTC:ATTUF), a provider of real-time data integration software, announced recently an extended set of software solutions that enables enterprises using Teradata databases to load data efficiently and frequently from many enterprise data sources to meet operational data warehousing needs. Attunity presented its solutions this past week at the Teradata Partners Conference, on October 3-5, 2011, in San Diego, CA.

"Demands for right-time access to information to support all levels of decision making are at an all-time high," explains Dan Vesset, vice president for Business Analytics Research at IDC. "As a result, the adoption of low-latency data integration technology to enable the availability of real-time information in the data warehouse (DW) is on the rise and change data capture (CDC) has emerged as the most common form of technology used for low-latency data movement. Organizations can use ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) to refresh slowly changing data on a scheduled basis, but they need to use CDC or data replication for rapidly changing data that is critical for operations."

"Attunity Replicate extends our existing Attunity Stream offering, providing Teradata customers with additional options for accelerating and reducing the costs of loading data to enable operational data warehousing," explained Itamar Ankorion, VP Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Attunity. "Our support for a wide range of enterprise data sources as well as our continued investment in real-time data integration makes us an ideal partner for Teradata and its customers."

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