Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liberator (OTCBB: LUVU) Signs Agreement With One Pica for Launch of New Web Platform

Liberator (OTCBB: LUVU) Signs Agreement With One Pica for Launch of New Web PlatformPalm Beach, FL 5/10/12 (StreetBeat) -- Liberator, Inc. (OTCBB: LUVU), a progressive, vertically integrated company capitalizing on the emerging sexual wellness revolution through the worldwide marketing of the Liberator® brand, today announced it has signed an agreement with One Pica, a leading digital commerce agency and top-tier Magento Gold Partner, to launch a comprehensive new online presence for Liberator.

As part of the agreement with One Pica, Liberator has selected theMagento Enterprise Platform to handle both the front and back-end side of the new along with four other web properties. The new site overhaul is expected to be rolled out in the fall of 2012.

"We are thrilled to announce our exciting online initiatives with One Pica as our system integration partner," said Louis Friedman, President and CEO of Liberator, Inc. "One Pica has been behind the successful implementations of several large scale projects, including those featured on Inc. Magazine's list of 500 fastest growing companies. As sexual wellness products continue to enter the mainstream, we look forward to implementing online strategies and social media initiatives with One Pica to capitalize on our industry's robust growth projections."

In a recent article published by London's Daily Mail, sexual wellness product sales have been reported as skyrocketing, in part due to larger mainstream awareness and stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jane Fonda divulging their bedroom secrets about sex toys that would historically have been labeled as taboo. In fact, vibrator sales alone are set to become a USD $52 billion annual business by 2020, matching sales of the iPhone and Android, according to the article:

Mr. Friedman continued, "With this week's news estimating that sex toys may soon become as popular as many smartphones, we believe Liberator is expanding our comprehensive online branding initiatives at exactly the right time."

The new web properties, powered by Magento, will give Liberator greater control over the content and presentation of the Liberator brand moving forward. The new software will also allow Liberator to enhance its social media awareness, as well as expand its ability to test and analyze exciting new marketing opportunities for the rapidly expanding sexual wellness market.

"Partners like One Pica clearly understand how to help their clients realize the benefits of an enterprise-level marketing and e-commerce engine," said Michael Kane, Executive Vice President of Liberator. "As we begin the development and rollout of our enhanced web properties we continue to be extremely excited about the significant growth prospects that we look to achieve in the future."

About One Pica

One Pica is a digital commerce agency serving large and medium sized online retailers across an array of industries including apparel, food, athletics, home d├ęcor and more. The agency is known for a focus on turning interactions into transactions, optimizing e-commerce websites to increase conversions, and building a community around strong brands. For more information, please, or follow One Pica on Twitter: @Onepica.

About Liberator, Inc.

Liberator, Inc. is a dynamic vertically integrated public company capitalizing on the emerging sexual wellness revolution through the worldwide marketing of the Liberator® line of products, the luxury and lovestyle brand that celebrates intimacy by inspiring romantic imagination. Established with the conviction that sensual pleasure and fulfillment are essential to a well-lived life, Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear® empowers exploration, fantasy and the communication of desire, for persons of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Products include Liberator shapes and positioning systems, pleasure objects, and sensual accessories. Liberator, Inc. is currently housed in a 140,000 square foot vertically integrated manufacturing facility in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Liberator, Inc. has over 100 employees, with products being sold directly to consumers and through hundreds of domestic resellers, on-line affiliates and six international licensees. The company is known for cutting-edge advertising and product branding. Since inception in 2002, Liberator has sold over $60 million of branded Liberator products.

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