Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Digital Generation (OTCBB: DGIT) to Explore Strategic Options, Shares Soar

Digital Generation (OTCBB: DGIT) to Explore Strategic Options, Shares SoarShawshank, VA 7/17/12 (StreetBeat) – Digital Generation’s (OTCBB: DGIT) BOD announced yesterday that they are exploring strategic options in regards to various financial strategies for the company, such as partnerships, strategic business model alternatives, a sale, or other transactions.

"In fulfilling our fiduciary obligation to our investors, the Board has decided to explore a number of strategic options for the Company," said Scott Ginsburg, Chairman of DG's Board of Directors. "We are open-minded about this process and intend to examine a variety of alternatives thoughtfully and carefully. We remain focused on executing on our business plan to bring an independent, end-to-end platform and workflow tool set for advertisers to manage, deliver, optimize and measure their campaigns across TV, Web, mobile and social channels."

In making this announcement, DG assures that this review of potential alternatives will result in a sale or related transaction. Its BOD doesn’t plan on disclosing and developments until they approve or have a transaction(s) to recommend to stockholders. Goldman and Sachs Co has been chosen by DG to aid in this exploration of strategic alternatives.

The company is rallying up 25%, increasing $2.49 after this news.

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