Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tim Participações (NYSE: TSU) Blindsided with the Blockage of Sales in 19 States

Tim Participações (NYSE: TSU) Blindsided with the Blockage of Sales in 19 StatesAtlanta, GA 7/19/12 (StreetBeat) – TIM Participações SA (NYSE: TSU) was blindsided today with Anatel blocking the sale of new lines in 19 states. Tim is the only operator in today’s market that sells its phones unlocked and without loyalty penalty. In 2011, the company became the 2nd largest mobile operator in the country.

Tim said, "The decision was apparently based on data and indicators different from those usually established by Anatel it self to track the performance of the network. The presented measure took into account, for example, the percentage difference in each state between the worst operator and the others' average in complaints to the Anatel's call center, a measure until now unknown and does not necessarily reflect the quality of the network...TIM reaffirms that it is developing a set of infrastructure projects to continue to provide innovative services to customers, supporting the growth and capturing the opportunities that market offers...The Company is also working on upgrading equipment, doubling the speed of the infrastructure of mobile Internet access to 42 Mbps, or HSPA+, an intermediate step between 3G and 4G."

Shares are trading down 8% or $2.08 at $21.65 Thursday.

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