Monday, May 9, 2011

Rob Dyrdek Says to BillMyParents

Rob Dyrdek Says to BillMyParentsShawshank, VA 5/9/2011 (PennyPayDay) -- BillMyParents, the teen payment solutions brand offered by Socialwise, Inc., (OTC:SCLW) announced today, in a press release, a weekend of unprecedented exposure for the BillMyParents brand and new BillMyParents Spend Smart card -- a prepaid reloadable card designed for teens, young adults and their parents, that can be used everywhere debit MasterCard is accepted.

The national media rollout includes fully integrated broadcast, advertising and event programming on the ESPN and MTV television networks. BillMyParents reached millions of viewers this weekend on ESPN and continues its push on MTV tonight, spreading a simple and powerful message about the BillMyParents Spend Smart card. In the words of BillMyParents brand ambassador and professional skateboarding icon, Rob Dyrdek, "It's Safe. It's Smart. It's Money."

The BillMyParents Spend Smart card burst onto the national scene this weekend on ESPN with its first-ever national television commercial, integrated event-branding, digital advertising and multiple appearances during a 2-hour live ESPN broadcast of the first of four Street League Skateboarding Series events. The live ESPN audience of millions tuning into the SLS event witnessed winner Nyjah Huston hoisting a giant BillMyParents Spend Smart card, loaded with $150,000 in prize money. All four SLS events, sponsored by BillMyParents, will be broadcast live by ESPN this summer.

"This is one of the biggest brand integrations I've ever done," said Rob Dyrdek, president of Dyrdek Enterprises, founder of Street League Skateboarding and BillMyParents brand ambassador. "I look at it this way -- I understand that to be successful you absolutely have to learn how to be financially responsible from a young age. But I didn't know that when I was younger, and I had to learn the hard way. Being the brand ambassador for BillMyParents gives me the opportunity to meaningfully help teens and actually build the foundation of someone's future success."

"We are thrilled to be involved in such a significant way with Rob and his high-profile entertainment properties," commented Mark Sandson, president and CEO of BillMyParents. "We are about to roll out substantial updates to our programs, and the timing could not be more perfect for us to get in front of the millions of people who follow Rob, 'Fantasy Factory' and Street League Skateboarding across all media channels."

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