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Silver Dragon (OTCBB: SDRG) Reports Progress at Aobaotugounao

Silver Dragon (OTCBB: SDRG) Reports Progress at AobaotugounaoNorthern, WI 7/6/12 (StreetBeat) -- Silver Dragon Resources Inc. (OTCBB:SDRG) ("the Company") is pleased to announce recent results from the ongoing 2012 drilling program at its Dadi and Aobaotugounao Silver-Lead-Zinc polymetallic properties in Inner Mongolia, Northern China. Dadi and Aobaotugounao are owned by Sanhe Sino-Top Resources & Technologies, Ltd. ("Sino-Top"), of which Silver Dragon Resources Inc. has a 40% equity interest.

Highlights are as follows:

• According to assay results released on June 25, four underground drill holes (ZK0808, ZK0308, ZK0702, and ZK0901) have been completed, revealing significant Silver-Lead-Zinc mineralization at Dadi.
• Four underground drill holes located at 1,384 meters in the PD1 tunnel at exploration lines no.3, no. 7 and no. 9 at Dadi further define mineralization zones I and II at deeper levels.
• 1:2,000 geological mapping, geological section surveying and surface drilling are in progress at Aobaotugounao.

Two mineralized intervals have been discovered at the underground drill hole ZK0808: azimuth 220*, dip angle 86* drilling length 120m. One is from 61.5m to 63m interval and the grades are Ag 35.5 g/t, Pb 1.15%, Zn 0.52%. The second interval is from 97.5m to 100.5m interval and the grades of two samples are Ag 78.8 g/t, Pb 0.11%, Zn 0.13%, and Ag 732 g/t, Pb 3.28%, Zn 9.56%, respectively.

Based on the assay results for underground dill hole ZK0308: azimuth 220*, dip angle 86* drilling length 120.85m, one sample (from 84m to 85.5m interval) reveals a mineralized body with grades of Ag 34.4 g/t, Pb 1.44% and Zn 1.89%.

Four intervals hit silver, lead and zinc mineralization at underground drill hole ZK0702: azimuth 220*, dip angle 85* drilling length 71.5m; the first interval is from 58.5m to 60.0m with grades of Ag 2.3 g/t, Pb 0.019% and Zn 1.14%; the second interval is from 63m to 66m with grades of two samples being Ag 72.5 g/t, Pb 0.96% and Zn 4.3%, and Ag 10.4 g/t, Pb 0.04% and Zn 1.19%, respectively; the third interval is from 67.5m to 69m with grades of Ag 11.5 g/t, Pb 0.07% and Zn 1.07% . Additionally, in intervals from 45.65m to 70.0m, the rocks are strongly altered and assay results show most of the samples reaching industrial grades or near cutoff grades of lead and zinc. These results demonstrate a significant concentration of lead and zinc mineralization.

Three samples taken from intervals from 56.4m to 60.6m, at underground drill hole ZK0901: azimuth 220*, dip angle 87* drilling length 72m show relatively strong zinc mineralization and weak silver and lead mineralization. From the 56.4m to 57.9m interval, the grades are Ag 5.5 g/t, Pb 0.062%, and Zn 0.71%; from the 57.9m to 59.4m interval, grades are Ag 11.0 g/t, Pb 0.082%, and Zn 2.04%; from the 59.4m to 60.6m interval, grades are Ag 11.2 g/t, Pb 0.05%, and Zn 1.34%.

The underground drilling results mentioned above provide significant information, which can be used for identifying extensions of main mineralization zones and for guidance over deeper-level tunneling work.

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